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      •  Yoga Practice   •  5+1 Free Yoga Apps to Help You Master Yoga at Home!
    5+1 Free Yoga Free Apps to Help You Master Yoga at Home | If you love yoga at home you need to get the best yoga apps that will guide you through your practice.

    5+1 Free Yoga Apps to Help You Master Yoga at Home!

    When it comes to yoga, there are only positive things to say. But you know what the best thing is? That you can literally yoga-life everywhere with just your mat! In the vast sea of applications, there is space of some interesting yoga apps can guide you through your daily practice.

    From beginner’s level to advanced, your online yoga teacher will help you find your pace, balance and restore your energy through a series of yoga suggested workouts that will boost your yoga levels and help you enjoy your practice everywhere.

    Thus, here are 5 great free yoga apps that need to be on your play store asap!

    1. Down Dog

    Down Dog is a userfriendly app, free to download that provides yoga practices of several levels and for any duration you prefer. There is an instruction video to guide you along with the voice of seven different yoga instructors (not all are available in the free version). If you choose to purchase the paid version of the app you can also boost specific areas of your body.

    Just get your mat ready and enjoy the practice.

    PRICE: FREE with available in-app purchases.

    2. Five Minutes Yoga

    If you don’t have enough time to do yoga or you just need a quicky to stretch up and get your mind in order, 5-minute yoga session are available to you for free through this app. What difference a 5-minute yoga a day makes? Well, why don’t you try it and see!

    PRICE: FREE with available in-app purchases.

    3. Yoga Studio Mind & Body

    Build your own yoga practices and meditation with Yoga Studio Mind & Body. This app offers more than 100 videos with a duration from 5 to 60min, while you can always mix your favourite poses into a daily practice. Either way, enjoy!

    PRICE: FREE with available in-app purchases.

    4. Simply Yoga - Fitness Trainer for Workouts & Poses

    No hidden charges no in-app purchases here; Simply Yoga – Fitness Traner for Workouts & Poses is a super easy to use app to keep up with your yoga practice. There are several workouts available from 20 to 60min with audio and video instructions.


    5. Daily Yoga - Yoga Fitness Plans

    Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness Plans is another userfriendly app. This app will guide you through your practice, will help you evolve as a yogi and enrich your yoga workouts. There is also the possibility of making in-app purchases to get access to more practices.

    PRICE: FREE with available in-app purchases.

    6. Asana Rebel

    Asana Rebel is not your regular yoga-app. It is actually quite rebellious since its main goal is to use yoga as a fitness method. If you want to get stronger and fitter, improve your balance, flexibility and stamina, that’s your app. Set your personal goals and go GO GO!

    PRICE: FREE with available in-app purchases.

    Looking for more restorative exercises to help you start your journey to relaxation and reforming? Check out the 8 Basic Yoga Poses to Ease Back Pain.

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