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Air Retreat Syros 2020 * EARLY BIRD 🕊️ Book NOW and get 8% the regular price!

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About us


The infinite, the unlimited or indefinite

Greek Philosopher Anaximander held that everything originated from the Apeiron. He postulated eternal motion, along with the Apeiron, as the originating cause of the world. The world is destroyed back into the Apeiron, from which new worlds are born.

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Air, Water, Earth, & Fire

The four main elements

In ancient Greece, the world was thought to be composed of four elements. Used to explain nature’s complexity and magnitude in terms of simpler substances, classical elements were worshipped and respected by our ancestors.



Unforgettable experiences

Well-crafted retreats based on Yoga and Wellbeing. Experience harmony and mindfulness through Apeiron Retreats.
Establish healthy easy daily practices and habits that you can take home and freely implement into your life.
Explore new places, get to know different cultures, live your next great adventure exploring another part of the world.
Make longlasting friendships. Apeiron Retreats builds a community that thrives when together. Share this unforgettable experience
with same minded people and build valuable connections. But, most of all reconnect with yourself.
Everything is perfectly programmed step-by-step so you’ll have nothing to worry about except for putting a little more sunscreen.
But yet, Apeiron Retreats offers you the freedom to explore each destination your own way and at your own pace.

* Dates to be announced *

Feel light as a feather, fly like an eagle.
7 DAYS Retreat in Syros Island, Greece
one-day prior arrival and welcoming

September 2020 in Syros Island Greece, Check-in in the Villa, daily yoga practices, in-house chef healthy menu, explore the island | Water Retreat Syros Water Retreat Syros 2020 | Daily Yoga, Water Sports Greece

Water Retreat | 2021

* Dates to be announced *

Sea on your feet, Salt on your hair and Sun on your skin
10 DAYS Retreat in Syros Island, Greece
one-day prior arrival and welcoming

EARTH Retreat

To be announced

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FIRE Retreat

To be announced

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Our Lovely Team

A few things about us


Organizer & Hostess

She is a traveler, loves the sea and the view from high cliffs. Has a crush on dogs. Apeiron Retreats is a dream come true. She quit 9-5 to live a free life and spend every moment with her dog and people who love life as much.


Yoga Instructor

She fell in love with yoga because of its significant benefits to the mind. She studied to be a qualified yoga instructor focusing on meditation and mindfulness. Her dream life is living on an island with her cat, Moon.



Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. She loves yoga and food, that is why she has combined the two in her studies. She loves people and the sea. She lives in London with her husband and her son.


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