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      •  Yoga Life   •  How Meditation Can Improve Your Daily Life

    How Meditation Can Improve Your Daily Life

    Yoga and Meditation are the two common terms we usually hear regarding improving our mental and physical health. Meditation is like taking a daily bath to wash your mind. Just as a bath refreshes your body, mediation refreshes your mind and soul. Including mediation in your life brings beneficial changes.

    From demonstrably improving the physical health to transforming the mental and emotional states, meditation is surely something to try. Benefits come from (re-)connecting with oneself; improving focus, reducing stress, helping in fighting depression, and pain, meditation is here to help. As various studies have shown, the miracle benefits of practicing mindfulness on a daily basis are indisputable.

    Meditation is all about being in tune with our inner universe. Meditation is all about becoming one with your mind.

    Among the many benefits of meditation, 6 proven health benefits are explained for you below.

    1. Enhances self-awareness

    Various forms of meditations help us develop a good understanding of our inner being, know ourselves, understand our needs, and acknowledge our trauma; help us grow into your true self. Meditation teaches us to recognize our thoughts and stay mindful. Being self-aware leads to life-changing personality development.

    2. Promotes fitness

    Physical exercise is not enough. Scientists and nutritionists – and of course Ancient Greeks – believe that better mental and physical fitness is achievable with a holistic lifestyle, including yoga and meditation. If our minds remain clouded with negative and stressful thoughts, there are very few chances of benefiting from any workout regime. Meditation helps us clear all negative thoughts and self-beliefs and offers motivation to both the brain and body.

    3. Regulates mood and anxiety

    People with anxiety disorders like phobia, obsessions, or panic attacks are sometimes are prescribed “Mindfulness” exercises by their doctors in the UK. Mindfulness is no other thing than meditation. Daily meditation helps to regulate all emotional trials. Especially practicing Vipassana (meditation method) reduces the grey matter in our brain, which is associated with strain and anxiety. Improved mood and a peaceful mind bring emotional stability to life.

    4. Helps deal with ADHD

    In a study, 50 adults diagnosed with ADHD were examined while following a meditation program and showed that meditation reduced hyperactivity and relished increased impulse control. Meditators develop more gyrification, which helps our brain process information easily and improve selective focus.

    5. Improves focus and concentration

    According to a study made at Carnegie Mellon University, meditation can improve decision-making and concentration. The study concluded that the group taking part in a 3-day-mindfulness meditation program showed increased connectivity among the brain’s different parts.

    6. Helps control pain:

    A recent 2020 study, where over 6,400 individuals were observed, it was proven that meditation can help in controlling pain and relaxing the muscles. Across 60 trials on people who suffered acute and post-surgical pain, it was proved that practicing meditation reduces pain, and practitioners felt better in a shorter period of time.


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