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      •  Yoga Practice   •  Restorative   •  How Yoga Gives you a Better Sleep

    How Yoga Gives you a Better Sleep

    If you are wondering why you feel like having a better sleep after a night or late evening yoga session, you need to know that according to National Sleep Foundation there is a strong connection between Yoga and Better Sleep.

    Specialists advice has it, if you suffer from insomnia or have minor trouble sleeping, a good yoga practice – no matter how long – will be a huge helper in lowering stress levels, while improving flexibility and body strength will help you form a better sleeping position and fix your poor posture because of sedentary life.

    Performing yoga daily improves your sleep in many ways; falling asleep is getting easier in time, the duration of sleep increases and the quality of it becomes better. Yoga for better sleep? Yes, but which one!

    There are certain styles of yoga that will help you sleep like a baby. Avoid the yoga types that boost your energy like vinyasa flor or hot yoga or restorative ones like nidra and hatha. It’s better to stick to a regular practice of certain poses that relax the body like the scent of lavender; which reminds me, light up a lavender candle or burn some essential lavender oil will create the perfect atmosphere and prepare your body for sleep.

    1. Legs up the wall

    Just lie on your back and keep your legs straight up a wall. As your body shapes an L relax in the pose, breath in and out, feel comfortable.

    HOW LONG: stay in this positing for 1-3 minutes, focus on your asanas

    2. Lying butterfly

    Lie on your back. Bring your feet together, press with knees fallen out to the sides to create a butterfly. If you are not feeling comfortable in the pose or experiencing pain use a block, a pillow or a pillow under each knee.

    HOW LONG: stay in this positing for 2-4 minutes, focus on your asanas

    3. Savasana

    Anyone who loves yoga loves Savasana, the Corpse Pose. Lie on your mat facing on the ceiling. Arms by your sides relaxed, legs straights in front, palms facing up. Focus on your breathing. Take some time to relax, inhale-exhale, prepare yourself for sleep.

    HOW LONG: stay in this positing for 3-5 minutes, focus on your asanas

    Looking for more restorative exercises to help you start your jour journey to relaxations and reforming? Check more articles about Restorative Yoga Practice.

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