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      •  Yoga Life   •  10+ Signs You are a Yoga addict
    Yoga has entered your daily life for good. There is no point in denying it anymore... you are a yoga addict and we are with you! 10+1 Signs You Are A Yoga Addict | Apeiron Journal

    10+ Signs You are a Yoga addict

    “How did we come to this?”, you hear yourself thinking while ordering online the 10th pair of yoga pants for this year. I mean seriously, how did we come to this? Well… Your relationship with yoga might have started lightly by taking a few classes a week or online, then getting a better yoga mat became a necessity, blocks, straps too… And those essential lavender oils to complete the mood of Savasana… Added to cart. Checkout. And it’s not so innocent anymore, is it?

    Yoga has entered your daily life for good. There is no point in denying it anymore… you are a yoga addict and we are with you!

    You are perfectly fine, don’t worry. In fact, you are more than fine, you are balanced and progressively grow up to be a yogi! So, here are some of the most significant signs that will make you admit that “yeap. that’s me! Namaste”.

    1. “Yoga…what? I’ll take it!” You will purchase anything that has the word “yoga” in its name.
    2. “Dear YogaMat, everywhere I go, you go.” If you find yourself carrying your mat around everywhere you go, from the office to the after-work drinks, well you are officially an addict. But, it’s true, anytime can be yoga-time so keep your best friend close.
    3. “What do you mean this is not the right dress code for work?” Well, yoga pants are indeed more than comfy, plus you have a Flow class afterwards.
    4. “I wanna be the master of EVERY pose. That cow…” When your daydreaming includes ways of mastering a pose and modifications that will help you long-term to achieve your yoga goals.
    5. “If it’s comfy, I’ll take it.” From clothing to shoes and sitting postures feeling comfy is what you aim for. “Remember to feel comfortable in the pose”, your first yoga teacher said, and that’s your motto.
    6. “At 7? No way, I can’t. I have a very important appointment.” You plan everything according to your yoga schedule. That’s so so natural. No worries. We know how much you love your fav yoga teacher, we wouldn’t miss her class for the world either!
    7. “I really really need this pair of leggings…” You “really really need” it? Seriously? Let’s be honest here. You want it badly – and we cannot argue with that, it’s WOW – but it’s your 10th pair of yoga pants.
    8. “I like it, but it misses some space…”. When you are looking for the perfect yoga space in the house even when renting an Airbnb for the weekend. I mean, where are you gonna achieve the perfect warrior? In the kitchen? No mister. We need at least some yoga space in the living room.
    9. “30 days challenge? What’s the challenge really?” Now you are reaching the highest levels of yogadicction. When yoga is a daily ritual for you, congrats!
    10. “Oh… that’s not green tea.” When you have successfully upgraded the word “tea” to “green tea” on your personal dictionary and now everyone seems to go off your track.
    11. “My back, my neck… I can’t move I need to… YOGA!” When you miss one yoga class and everything starts to fall apart. Your hips, your neck, your back, everything hurts, but you’re not dying. It’s the yoga addiction. Get it together lady and lay your yoga mat on the floor right now.
    12. “Tree, eagle, dog”… Every word is a trigger for you to start practising the pose.
    13. “What’s that noise? WAKE UP WAKE UP!” Well, it’s you in Savasana and you are snoring. Don’t worry, you just managed to get the ultimate of that pose.

    If you found yourself in most of those situations… Congratulations! You have adapted a healthy habit on your life,
    choose your yoga partner and reserve your spot in one of our retreats. Live an unforgettable yoga experience. Wake up your sleepy body and soul with a variety of Yoga Styles during the morning and evening practices in an idyllic environment.

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