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    10+1 Signs You Need a Yoga Retreat ASAP | Apeiron Journal

    10+1 Signs You Need a Yoga Retreat ASAP

    More and more people feel not just tired but exhausted by their daily life and desperately need a break. Stress-related health issues, mental health problems and physical pains are signs that yourself craves for a therapeutic experience more than ever to ease your psyche and restore your energy and balance. Yoga has been proven to be one of the most efficient ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

    If you feel your life like a straight line without changes or excitement, if you need time and space to reconsider your options and reset your goals or if you simply need to take a break from everything, then going on a Yoga Retreat is what you need.

    There’s nothing unhealthy on taking a break from all everything and get lost for a while in an idyllic place somewhere in the world only to find lost balance and recenter your life. Give yourself the time, space and place needed to heal from the past and focus on the present planning for the future. A Yoga Retreat isn’t just an ordinary vacation is a whole new approach to one’s being, relations and dreams.

    Here are some of the most significant signs that will show you that yourself demands time-off.

    1. Feeling weak and fatigue¬†– If you continually feel exhaustion and tired even when you haven’t done physically rough work, but the rhythm of your life puts you down you need to find a way to relax. When you feel like time is not enough it’s exactly the point and you need to stop time and wonder “What am I doing to myself? I need time off!”.
    2. Lose sleep¬†– Insomnia is one of the most common symptoms of stress and anxiety. Sleep is essential not only for a happy day but most of all for a happy living. If insomnia has taken over your life and you cannot seem to find a way to fight it or when you sleep but you wake up being tired without enjoying a good sleep, that’s another sign.
    3. Feel stress and anxiety¬†– Stress and anxiety are so common nowadays that there is probably not even one person in the world who hasn’t experienced at least one in their life an anxiety or panic attack. A reason to lose sleep, aren’t able to relax, feel like everything must be perfectly done but nothing ever is, if you’re feeling stress about your work, your relationships, your kids, your dreams and goals, your everything… please stop. Give yourself some time to rethink and rejoice.
    4. Feel like quitting everything and everyone РSimply, when everything is too much and everyone seems to be a burden instead of feeling guilty and nearly explode, offer yourself the gift of relaxation and amusement away from everything.
    5. Over-reacting¬†– If you feel like you cannot control yourself and overreact in simple situations or burst to others for things that don’t really matter. Being agitated all the time and your responses to others are sharp like knives then you should take care of yourself, recognize your feelings and gain control of your mental health.
    6. Inability to focus¬†– Having trouble concentrating or not being able to focus on what really matters is another sign that shouldn’t be ignored. If you easily get distracted and cannot really keep your attention on one thing for very long give your mind the space to practice on your inability and make yourself sharp and brisk again.
    7. Feel distressed when it comes to making decisions РThere are times when decision making can be tough. But when you feel unable to even make the slightest decision in life, when things, like choosing colours or making plans for the evening, make you nervous and stressful, your mind needs to find peace in order to start leading the way following your inner calls.
    8. Can’t really relax¬†– If you’re having trouble relaxing even when you aren’t doing anything, if your mind can’t take a rest and you always feel that you need to keep doing whatever you’re doing non-stop, that’s an unhealthy sign.
    9. It’s always about the others¬†– When you have undertaken too many roles in life and want to be perfect in everything in order to please others, you end up not pleasing yourself. Take a moment to think whether everything you’re doing, you’re doing it for your own good or if in order to satisfy other peoples’ needs you run out of self-satisfaction and pleasure. If so, it’s time to change that.
    10. Feeling too busy with zero me-time – When you feel like you cannot or even worse you don’t deserve to take some rest because time flies and you cannot keep up, then it’s definitely when you need to stop and stare. Is really what you want? Is running from one thing to another without ever enjoying the simple moments of happiness how you want your life to be? Take that trip and go live for the moment, establish daily practices that will make you happier and more present.
    11. Haven’t really used your vacation days for years? Then it’s time to put it in good use!

    If you are not feeling like going alone, choose your yoga partner and reserve your spot now. Live an unforgettable yoga experience. Wake up your sleepy body and soul with a variety of Yoga Styles during the morning and evening practices in an idyllic environment.

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